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We won the battle, but didn't win the war

If you didn't hear, New York finally passed to release original long form birth certificates to Adoptees over 18. Starting on January 15th 2020 we will be able to request them.

This is HUGE for us! Fighting this battle with many other states for years, we are the 10th state to do so.

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But now that it has been announced in the media, the anger and debate continues from the public non Adoptees. Arguing all over social media, and stating that the laws were meant protect birth parents.

But what about us? The silent majority of people whom have lived with the guilt, shame, trauma, and know what it's like to be totally alone. I always call myself an enigma, because that's what I am. There are no simple explanation or meaning to my existence. I don't believe my biological or adopted parents are ever/will ever be "my parents" because I have never felt that with them. This voice, this life, is ONLY for us to have an opinion about. This pain, anger, heartache, no one knows at all how that feels but US.

So, we will continue to fight the masses about being another group of oppressed people. We will continue to speak for those who cannot. We will continue to question why others think they know best, when they know nothing at all about being adopted.

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