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The Journey Begins

"We don't come into the world as babies with predetermined thoughts about how smart or capable or worthy we are, or about what our destiny should be. Even though they are in our heads now, they were developed by someone or something (or some one or some things). The greatest challenge is to uncover where those stories actually come from."

-Erica Williams Simon

Being adopted you grow up idolizing stories about children without parents, orphans, or just don't fit in. I can tell you every single movie that I loved, and still love involve some type of this.

The best way to explain it, was being a puzzle with with missing pieces. The pieces you can't find because they didn't come with the box, or was a factory reject. That is what it feels like. You have holes and have no idea how to fill them.

So where does my story start? With some science of course!

Attachment theory. Attachment is a strange thing. There is a key period of the first six months of life where a baby needs to be with the mother to become "securely attached". When a baby misses this window of time, it is not only a trauma but sometimes also can create an attachment disorder.

Second piece is Epigenetics. The study of how early life experiences can actually alter the expression of your DNA. See image below, and this link for more information

This is also the theory on how trauma is passed down from generation to generation. The stories we tell children, the stories we experience, and the stories we create inside our minds.

These are my stories.

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