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Well its been a while since I've written. I have closed some doors and opened up others. I have moved halfway across the country. I have been isolated from friends and family, but have also gained new ones.

Family means something different for everyone. There is biological family, adopted families, friends that are like your family, and family that you create for yourself. What has been on my mind recently is how people who grow up with their biological family either are super connected to one another and hold a strong bond, or want nothing to do with each other. Its very hard to explain to someone to grow up without your real family what it feels like. Even if you absolutely hate your family or just don't get along, not having it at all is heart breaking. It's part of the hole inside of us adoptees that we carry around. We don't even know that it's there. We don't understand why we long for it. Even if we are rejected by these people, its like a string that cannot be broken that drags us back again and again for more punishment.

So why do people who are born into their biological family take it for granted?

I would never say that in the sense that you should be involved with toxic people. I have had my own share of those types. And I myself do not talk to certain family anymore.

But there are people who don't see the roots from the branches. We are all connected by experiences, genetics, and circumstances. Being able to learn from the past is essential to creating a better future. If we aren't able to connect the dots between these people, it is a lost chance.

We are living in a time right now where connection is very important. So taking risks to reach out to others, even if it means wounding egos and getting over grudges, is a risk that's worth it.

I hope whoever you are reading this, you take risks and reach out to people or family that make your life more complete. Even if you're scared, even if it's difficult, even if you don't think they will respond. It is a risk worth taking. And I bet we will all be cheering for you, knowing you took that leap.


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