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Bought and Sold

Seem too dramatic?

Well, in reality is not. I have documents that state how much I cost to be adopted at birth. It's a really gross feeling. I never thought I was ever worth anything because of those actions. Often times, I would consider myself a "piece of shit" because I was told how ungrateful I was for what I had been given over the years.

Children are bought and sold across the United Stated. Adoption agencies scam Birth mothers claiming to be the only way out. Children are often "re-homed" in an underground marketplace online, and sometimes are even done in real life where children are paraded around like pets in a zoo. Couples post Gofundme pages, asking for thousands and thousands of dollars to bring home a dream.

Humans are not objects to be bought and sold.

Adoptees are often used as pawns to fill voids in adopters. Like we are possessions to them.

There is a billboard on the highway I often see. Its for a fertility clinic. There motto is "Making priceless affordable".

I cringe. Because this is how we see children now. And I wondering how many of those children, will end up like me.

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