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My Approach

Therapy is hard. We all want to make changes in our lives to be better not only for our physical health, but also psychologically for our minds. In the current digital wellbeing we are faced with staggering pressures constantly being thrown at us. We see this from taking in too much: news, social media, and other digital influences.

I believe each person has their own pace, and am willing to find therapies and strategies that work for you. My approach is open minded and down to earth. It is important to meet people where they are at, and develop a safe therapeutic relationship. Lets focus on your anxiety, depression, or adoptee concerns.

How do therapists help you? I am here to provide you options, collaborate on new coping skills, and help create psychological safety.

This is why I have been using virtual counseling and telehealth options for many years. I believe that being able to receive help should be more accessible and affordable for clients. I meet you where you are at, and also keep your privacy and time into consideration.

My therapeutic modalities are: open-minded, trauma based, cognitive, and holistic. But I am honest and straightforward in the counseling environment. I want to hold you accountable so you can make the changes you want in your life!

Ready for a consultation? Go to my Calendly or email me:

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