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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it."
-Helen Keller


About Me

Emelia Thygesen is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. She received her Masters degree in community mental health at Canisius College in Buffalo New York in 2011. 

A proud adoptee and mental health advocate, she has over 10 years of experience working with clients in their teens to adulthood, in a variety of mental health settings. She is an adoption competent counselor who is a part of the adoptee community. 

Her favorite phrase is: "be who you needed when you were younger." Emelia started her career in psychology and counseling when she experienced a suicide in the family. It gave her the courage to make changes for herself, and help people around her who were also suffering grief, loss, and depression.

Emelia Thygesen

Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Career Counseling, and Adoptees/Adoption concerns


Feel stuck in the same cycle of irrational thoughts, rumination, or panic?  Lets break down those patterns and create new ways to cope. Part of Cognitive Behavioral therapy is learning how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected. Let me help you find new coping skills, and change those negative beliefs.

Trauma/Toxic Relationships

Trauma is all about perception of a personal experience. We all face traumas in our lives; small to big. Some come from toxic family members who use gaslighting or narcissistic abuse. Others can be close relationships that become co-dependent in nature. Whatever trauma you are facing, it is important to process them in a safe environment. Let me help you find a better path to take.


Fatigued? Do you not find joy in your hobbies anymore? Depression can bog you down both physically and mentally. These intense feelings can be hard to express, and keep you isolated. Lets find ways to better express how you feel, and change those negative beliefs.

Children in park

Are you adopted? Have you been through the Foster Care system? Do you struggle with attachment and relationships with others? Trauma can be an invisible wound that can affect many parts of our lives we don't even realize. I can help you get out of the FOG, and find peace in your journey. Whether you are searching for information about your past, just beginning to find out about your biological family, or have been in reunion for years. 

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the options of work, in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Looking for a change? Want to know more about what skills that work for you? Lets take some assessments and discuss your options!

If you are looking for Career Coaching go here

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